Running Näsetloppet

I just signed up to run the Näsetloppet on May 6th, 2017. This will be my first race and I’ll be running the 5 km circuit.

I’ve never really been into running. I tried getting into it several times over the years, following a number of unsuccessful New Year’s promises to be more active. Eventually, I did become more active but not on the turn of the year, and not by starting to run.

I dropped running for a long while until, a couple of months ago, it came back to me unexpectedly. I had gotten into the habit of going on long walks, and would proudly tell anyone that running wasn’t my kind of thing. It was surprising when, during one of those walks, I found myself urging to run and… actually running. Running on a cold winter day, on jeans and boots, scarf loose around the neck. It felt good.

These days, I run two or three times a week without much of a plan. I never bother tracking my runs, and mostly focus on running as fast and for as long as it feels good. That was key for me to find pleasure in running and a mindset I want to continue to cultivate. However, I’m interested in trying a training plan as I get ready for Näsetloppet. I might give C25K a try this week — or as soon as this nasty cold is over.

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